About Us


MIKIM JUNGLE is a plant export service located in Warszawa Poland.
We ship plants with phytosanitary certificates all over the world with Cargo , Air Freight and for large shipments
we use a shipping company that ships with controlled temperature shipping by plane.
MIKIM JUNGLE is a registered exporter of rare and tropical plants and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

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What are shipping charges?


We will contact you after you ordered your plants so we can make a schedule for your shipment and make appointments
with our inspection company that supplies us with the Phytolicense, plus the extra shipping fees if you have a large order.
The extra fees can be transferred to our bank Charged according to the actual weight.
For large orders we can also make for you a bill/factuur with transfer instructions to our bank.
Plants that will be shipped outside the EU are shipped once the inspection is done and the plants received their phytolicense.
Delivery time 14-45 business days

Trees for decorating houses, condos and desks
air purifying trees / auspicious trees

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