Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Forms of delivery and time of order fulfilment

We send your orders via Express Courier services, we buy space in freelance truck driving around Europe, we send by trains or deliver personally.

The order processing time is from 5 to 15 business days (the time is counted from the moment of receiving the payment to handing it over to the courier/truck).

The length of the implementation depends on the current number of orders and the date of receipt of the order.

We send orders with plants:

  • Delivery by courier from Monday to Wednesday. In exceptional situations also on Thursdays;
  • Delivery by truck is subject to truck availability, it can take up to 5 working days to arrange a truck delivery, meaning to find a driver, not to deliver by truck. 
  • Please note finding trucks is made through an online platform where shipment is posted and freelance drivers may pick it up, but there is never a 100% guarantee that a truck transport will be found. There are some locations that negotiation with freelance driver take much longer to convince him to go and some where delivery by truck is almost impossible as drivers take shipments to locations that matches their standard routes
  • Personal delivery upon special agreement in Poland
    We do not send by courier on Fridays.

Please note that sending plants in wintertime is strongly subject to weather conditions and can be suspended for some periods of time. Plants can be sent during this time only upon specific request of buyer, but the shop does not take responsibility for condition of plants.

Some trucks offer heated space so can be sent even during wintertime, however this subject to availability of such transport

We pack our plants using self-developed process, in carton boxes, filled in with cotton filler, styrofoam filler, stick protecting again physical damage and in winter using double layered carton boxes, aluminium foil used to rescuing people from hypothermia and 40h heat pack.

Please note that heat pack is produced by external company and may fail, for which we do not take responsibility.

Please note that in rare cases an express courier with guaranteed delivery date next day may not keep this guarantee, may destroy or lose the box, for which we cannot be held accountable.